Helgetour I Ås 9th till 10th November with Friluftsliv gruppen

helge tur We started our weekend hike Saturday morning and met in front of GG-hall. All in all we were a group of 10 ramblers and a nice mixture of experienced Norwegian hikers and international students. First the tents and firewood were distributed to everybody. Håvard was so kind to prepare a map for our tour. He showed us his prepared route and afterwards it was time to hit the road. 😉 Our small baggage started moving. We went in south-east direction, left Ås behind and continued further in the forest. The weather was not the best but stayed stable. We went on small paths winding through pine tree forest. The area was quite calm and we saw almost nobody else. Therefore was plenty of time to chat and get to know each other. Later in the afternoon we reached a swamp and decided to build up our tents. After the entire work was done there was still enough sunlight left to discover the surroundings. We passed the swamp and tested if our hiking boots were waterproof. We walked through several fields and woods until we stood in front of a stream. It was the boarder to Østfold, which we were concerned to cross. Some showed their jumping skills others had to find tricky ways over the stones. On the other side we had a picnic and shared goodies. Because sun was setting we had to find our way back to the camp. After we arrived we prepared everything for a nice bonfire. As the fire was set we started a nice bbq session. Thanks to the future café we had plenty of sausages. We ate and talked a long time until after midnight. We learned that jokes about the Swedish and Danish people are the best. After all the wood was burned it got cooled and it was time to sleep. Next morning we woke up with sunlight in our face. The weather was great. We managed to enlighten the fire again and cooked some nice coffee and tea. Then it was time to dismount the tents and pack our backs. We had a nice way back and Eric could even find some mushrooms. While searching for it he almost stepped on a moose family. After several goody breaks we came back home to Ås.

Thanks to the Friluftsliv gruppen that we had such a nice weekend!