Articles of association

Articles of association NMBU Friluftsliv 

Adopted at the annual meeting 28.02.2023 

§1: Purpose 

NMBU Friluftsliv aims to create a social environment for students at NMBU who are outdoor enthusiasts. We wish to do this by organizing a variety of trips and activities “fra Ås til fjell”. 

NMBU Friluftsliv wants to spread the joy of outdoor activities and promote healthy attitudes towards nature. Our activities are carried out in an environmentally friendly way and make our best effort to leave no trace. 

§2: Membership 

§ 2.1 Definition 

Membership in NMBU Friluftsliv is open to all students at NMBU, and other NMBU affiliated individuals under special circumstances when a verbal request is submitted to the board. Membership is only valid after paying the membership fee. 

§ 2.2 Scope 

A one-year membership in NMBU Friluftsliv follows the academic year and is valid from the date of registration until the start-up week for the following fall semester. A semester membership is also available, which is valid from the date of registration until the start-up week of the subsequent semester. A three year membership is also available, which is valid from the date of registration until the start of the seventh semester. 

§ 2.3 Membership fee 

The membership fee is determined at the annual meeting each spring. 

The membership fee must be paid before participating on trips and activities organized by NMBU Friluftsliv. Activities related to introductory courses or «get to know each other» events, as well as monthly bonfire evenings, are exempt from the requirement of paying the membership fee and are open to all. The membership fee can be paid in cash at activities or meetings (not on trips), via a Norwegian online bank account, or with Vipps. 

§ 2.4 Resignation 

Members who hold a three-year, full-year, or half-year membership can resign at any time. The membership fee will not be refunded upon resignation. Members who owe membership fees for more than one semester will be automatically withdrawn from the group.  

§ 2.5. Members rights 

A membership in NMBU Friluftsliv provides access to all organized trips and activities organized by NMBU Friluftsliv, as well as the ability to borrow equipment from the storage room. In addition, members can take advantage of any discount agreements the group may have. Members have the right to vote, speak, and make proposals at the annual meeting. 

§ 2.6 Members obligations 

Members are required to pay the membership fee and be able to prove this before participating in activities and trips organized by NMBU Friluftsliv. Membership is personal and cannot be used by anyone other than the holder. Membership cannot be transferred to others. Members of NMBU Friluftsliv shall contribute to spreading outdoor joy at NMBU. 

§ 2.7 Participation in events 

Participation in NMBU Friluftsliv activities and trips is at one’s own risk. Neither NMBU Friluftsliv nor the tour leader for each trip can be held financially responsible for any damages that may occur to people or equipment. Each member is responsible for assessing their own skills and ability to participate in trips and activities. 

§ 2.8 Exclusion 

A member may be excluded from NMBU Friluftsliv in special cases if the member actively and to a considerable extent works against NMBU Friluftsliv. Such an exclusion is decided unanimously by the board, and the duration is determined by the board based on the circumstances. 

§3 Annual meeting 

§ 3.1 Authority  

The annual meeting is the highest authority of the group. The annual meeting shall be held during the months of February/March every year. 

§ 3.2 Notice  

The annual meeting is convened by the current board with at least one month’s notice. The notice shall be given directly to the members or by announcement on email/websites. Proposals to be considered by the annual meeting must be received by the board no later than two weeks before the annual meeting. A complete agenda must be made available to the members no later than one week before the annual meeting. 

§ 3.3 Quorum 

Decisions can be made at the annual meeting if, in addition to the board, a number of members equivalent to or greater than the number of board members are present. If the annual meeting does not have enough members in attendance, a new meeting may be called without a requirement for minimum participation. 

§ 3.4 Attendance and Voting Rights 

All members of NMBU Friluftsliv are entitled to attend the annual meeting. To have voting rights, the member must have been a member of the group for at least one month. No member has more than one vote, and one cannot attend nor vote by proxy. Individuals who do not meet this requirement have the right to speak at the annual meeting but do not have voting rights. 

§ 3.5 Agenda  

a. Approval of the eligible voters  

b. Approval of the notice, agenda, and rules of procedure. Notification of any additional matters to be considered.  

c. Election of a chair, secretary, and two representatives to sign the minutes  

d. Annual report of the group  

e. Briefing of the annual financial report 

f. Consideration and adoption of the group’s budget for the upcoming year  

g. Consideration of short-term and long-term action plans based on proposals from the board  

h. Consideration of proposals and matters received from members  

i. Determination of the membership fees  

k. Elections 

j. Other business; discussion points are to be notified in accordance with item b and cannot require board consideration before being considered by the annual meeting. 

§ 3.6 Rules of Procedure 

The annual meeting is chaired by the leader of NMBU Friluftsliv. 

§ 3.6a Approval of the Agenda 

The agenda for the annual meeting shall be approved before the meeting begins. Any additional items can be introduced during the approval of the agenda and will be considered if 2/3 of those present vote for consideration. 

§ 3.6b Decision Making 

Decisions are made by a simple majority. Decisions cannot be made by a tied vote; if this occurs, the leader’s vote counts twice. Decisions are made by a show of hands. 

A majority of 2/3 is required in the following cases:  

a. amendments to the statutes  

b. inclusion of a matter on the agenda  

c. removal of a matter from the agenda. 

§ 3.6c Amendments to the Statutes 

At the annual meeting there cannot be consideration of amendments to the statutes that are not listed on the agenda. Proposals for amendments to the statutes must be received by the board no later than two weeks before the annual meeting is to be held. Proposals are announced along with the other documents for the annual meeting. Amendments to the statutes are adopted at the annual meeting by a 2/3 majority and are effective from the end of the annual meeting. 

§ 3.6d Speaking Time 

If necessary, the chair may introduce speaking time. 

§ 3.7 Board elections 

The board of NMBU Friluftsliv consists of 7 members. This includes a leader, deputy leader, financial manager, equipment manager, and three tour leader coordinators. Descriptions of the various positions can be found in the «Guidelines for board positions«. The board, including the leader, is elected for one year at a time. It is desirable for one or more board members to be re-elected. The board leader and financial manager are expected to be available and helpful to the newly elected board for six months after the new board takes over. 

§ 3.7a Eligibility  

All members who have the right to vote are eligible for positions of trust in NMBU Friluftsliv and as representatives at meetings in higher-level organizational units. 

§ 3.7b Board elections 

Elections of members to the board shall be done in writing. If there are no more candidates than board positions, the candidates are elected by acclamation. A simple majority is required to be elected. Ballots containing candidates who have not been proposed or are blank shall be deemed not cast. When a candidate does not receive more than half of the votes, a runoff is held between the two candidates who received the most votes. If there is a tie in the runoff, the election is decided by drawing lots or by rock-paper-scissors with best of three, and the chairman decides the drawing method. 

§ 3.7c Gender distribution 

The board should strive to have a proportional gender distribution of the members. 

§ 3.7d Constitution of the board 

The board shall constitute itself according to § 4.2 and strive to fill all board positions. The board has the opportunity to combine or change positions as it sees fit. The constitution of the board shall take place at the first board meeting, no later than two weeks after the end of the annual meeting. 

§ 3.8 Election Committee  

Prior to each annual meeting, the board shall act as an election committee and propose a new board for the coming year. 

§ 3.9 Action Plans  

The board is obliged to present both a short-term and a long-term action plan for the annual meeting. The short-term plan shall apply for one year and cover the activities of the group for the upcoming year. The plan should be concrete. The long-term plan shall apply for a five-year period. The purpose of the plan is to outline the strategies for how NMBU Friluftsliv can best develop in the future. The plan should function as a strategic framework that highlights which areas should be given particular focus in the coming years. The plan shall be revised annually for the annual meeting and must be presented at the same time as the documents for the annual meeting. The plans shall be adopted at the annual meeting by a simple majority. 

§ 3.10 Extraordinary Annual Meeting  

An extraordinary annual meeting may be convened when the board or one-third of the members demands it. An extraordinary annual meeting shall be convened with at least two weeks’ notice. 

An extraordinary annual meeting may only consider and make decisions on the issues announced in the call for the meeting. 

§4 The board  

§ 4.1 Authority  

The board is elected at the annual meeting and consists solely of the officials elected at the annual meeting. The board is the group’s highest authority between each annual meeting. This authority cannot be partially or fully delegated to other bodies, committees, individuals, or the like. 

§ 4.2 Organization of the Board 

The NMBU Friluftsliv board consists of: 

  1. Leader 
  1. Deputy leader 
  1. Financial Manager 
  1. Equipment Manager 
  1. Tour Leader Manager 
  1. Tour Leader Manager 
  1. Tour Leader Manager 

The secretarial duties and responsibilities for maintaining a list of members lie with the deputy leader and financial manager. The secretarial duties can be delegated to other board members. 

§ 4.3 Meeting Activity  

During the period when NMBU Friluftsliv has organized trips and activities, the board shall meet regularly. In addition to this, the board shall meet as they see fit when decisions of authority need to be made, or when there are matters that the board should be informed of as a whole. The agenda with a list of issues shall be sent to the board members at least one week before the board meeting. The board leader is responsible for this. The leader, or the deputy leader in the leader’s absence, shall ensure that minutes are taken at each meeting. 

§ 4.4 Duties  

The board is bound by the articles of association, guidelines, and action plans that are in force at any given time and have been approved at the annual meeting. Each board member shall keep up to date with the resolutions made at the annual meeting. All resolutions of the annual meeting shall be available in electronic format on the NMBU Friluftsliv website. 

§ 4.4a Special provisions concerning budget overruns  

The board shall work within the budget approved at the annual meeting. However, the board may exceed individual items on the budget if there are special needs. 

§ 4.4b Special provisions concerning the obligation to provide information  

The board has an obligation to provide information at annual meeting and, to the extent necessary, to the members as a whole. Information meetings should be held for all members of the group and other interested parties during each semester. The information meetings should be an informal forum with a high level of openness, where all engaged members of the group shall be informed about the board’s work and have the opportunity to discuss this work. The information meetings shall have an advisory function towards the board, provided that it does not conflict with the current resolutions and articles of association. 

§ 4.5 Decision-making capability  

The board is capable of making decisions when a majority of the board members are present. The board is a collegial body where decisions are made by a simple majority. In the event of a tie, the leader or their deputy’s vote counts double. 

§ 4.6 Tasks  

The board shall: 

A. Call for an annual meeting in accordance with the current articles of association. 

B. Implement and adhere to the resolutions and regulations of the annual meeting and superior bodies. 

C. Translate NMBU Friluftsliv’s overall strategy into action. 

D. Think strategically throughout the year to continuously assess the group’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and potential problems. 

E. Administer and exercise necessary control over the group’s finances in accordance with current instructions, regulations, and financial frameworks. 

F. Coordinate NMBU Friluftsliv’s activities and allocate areas of responsibility. 

G. Ensure that the tour leaders receive the support they need 

H. Ensure a good “graskurs” and monthly bonfire nights.  

I. Represent the group’s ideals outwardly.  

J. Adhere to and follow «Guidelines for Board Membership». 

§ 4.7 Termination of Board Membership 

Ordinarily, a board member holds their position from one annual meeting to the next. If unforeseen circumstances cause a board member to vacate their position before the next annual meeting, they must contact the board leader. The leader calls for a board meeting where the board member resigns from their position. This cannot occur until the member’s duties have been completed, and written documentation has been submitted and approved by the board. 

The board then reconstitutes itself to manage the member’s tasks until the annual meeting. 

§ 5 Equipment 

§ 5.1 Loan of equipment 

NMBU Friluftsliv has equipment that members have the right to borrow. Loans for official NMBU Friluftsliv trips take priority over private trips. NMBU Friluftsliv also loans equipment to NMBU student associations that organize outdoor activities. Loans to members take precedence over loans to associations. On private trips, each member has the right to loan equipment to one non-member. Anyone borrowing equipment from NMBU Friluftsliv is required to familiarize themselves with and follow the «Terms for borrowing equipment from NMBU Friluftsliv.» Failure to comply with these terms may result in the right to borrow equipment being revoked. The borrower must sign a liability waiver when borrowing equipment. 

§ 5.2 Equipment storage 

NMBU Friluftsliv has access to room U414 in the Urbygningen building through an agreement with NMBU EIA (Property Department), which serves as the equipment storage room. The NMBU Friluftsliv board has access to the room using their student ID card. The terms and conditions for renting the room are set out in the Signed Rental Agreement_U414. In the event of proven serious violations of the rental terms, the borrower may be held liable for damages.